K12 Services, Inc. is a Purchasing Services Provider to schools participating in USDA’s Child Nutrition Programs.

What is a Purchasing Services Provider?

A Purchasing Services Provider is a third-party entity that exists to support school food service operators with the complex task of procuring food and supplies for their food service program. The service is designed to maintain compliance with USDA Procurement Regulations while allowing school food service staff time to focus on other value-added activities.

Why would I consider a Purchasing Services Provider?

This answer begins with the “3C’s” of a procurement program. Convenient, Compliant & Competitive. All procurement programs must provide convenience to the operator while maintaining compliance to Federal procurement regulations while offering high value products and services at a competitive cost.


If you think about it, many successful food service operations use the services of a purchasing services provider. Purchasing services provider sources and contracts food and supplies enabling front line managers to focus on the needs of the customer. The idea is to dedicate resources to an experienced provider who spends time focused on the supply chain.


School food service operations are nearly universally conducted under USDA’s Child Nutrition programs. The programs do come with a set of complex regulatory requirements pertaining to the procurement of food and supplies used in school food service operations. Basically, if your district is using funds from the non-profit food service account to pay for food and supplies, you are subject to the Federal Procurement Regulations. This means that the procurement program that you utilize is auditable by State authorities. K12 Services, Inc. can design a compliant procurement program for you.


There is always a cheaper price for everything. The idea behind a competitive procurement program is not always finding the cheapest price but rather finding the best value. A competitive procurement plan balances cost, value and other aspects of an efficient purchasing plan such as vendor performance to establish a superior supply chain.

Why Should I Consider K12 Services, Inc. for Purchasing Services?

K12 Services, Inc. has a long history of working with Federal Regulations pertaining to procurement and the donated food program. We are very well versed in the procurement regulations.

K12 Services, Inc. staff also have years of experience working in supply chain departments of large commercial food service companies and distributors. This unique background gives us a complete understanding of the school food service supply chain.

K12 Services, Inc.’s procurement service is designed to provide a supply solution that is built for the customer. This means that we will use local brands, vendors and incorporate local and regional preferences as part of the overall supply chain. We will not use a one size fits all approach.

What Are the Next Steps to Contract with K12 Services, Inc.?

Contact K12 Services, Inc. to discuss your specific needs. In some cases, your district may be able to join an existing supply chain. If this is not the case, we will work to provide you with the services needed for your situation.

Who Should We Contact?

Cliff Meyers
Procurement Specialist
Phone: 571-485-8056
Email: cmeyers@k12servicesinc.com