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Consulting & Solutions

K12 Services, Inc. focuses on the removal of non-value added costs from K-12 school foodservice. This includes efficient administration of the USDA commodity program.

Accountability: K12 Services, Inc. works on behalf of the manufacturer to provide transparency to the commodity processing program. With the commitment of the manufacturer, we can develop seamless web-based accountability in real-time. Ultimately, this protects the manufacturer against debarment and provides compliance with new and existing Federal Regulations established in 7 CFR Part 250.

Survivability: K12 Services, Inc. provides a consistent foundation from which a manufacturer can base its commodity program. If the manufacturer should experience staff turnover, K12 Services, Inc. can quickly educate and train incoming staff without interruption of service to the customer.

Government Representation: Full service clients are accustomed to utilizing our ability to work in conjunction with them to promote issues pertinent to that manufacturer on both a State and Federal level. K12 Services, Inc. has been successful in developing numerous initiatives that have been instrumental in the success of our clientele. We work closely with the State and Federal agencies to resolve any issues that may arise on behalf of the manufacturer.

Compliance: K12 Services, Inc. works with the manufacturer to prepare and file National and State processing agreements, monthly performance reports, and other standard reporting requirements. We also has extensive experience in the preparation and submission of End Product Data Schedules that will ensure the proper pass-through value.

Sales Assistance: K12 Services, Inc. has long worked with its manufacturers' sales and marketing departments. This includes meeting and presenting commodity-based information to school directors, brokers, State administrative staff, Federal administrators, and commercial distributors. K12 Services, Inc. also works with its clients to find sales advantages that allow them to excel in their market.

For assistance, please contact us at 301-251-5515.