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Who is K12 Services, Inc.?

K12 Services, Inc. began in 1996 as a research and consulting firm to the Foodservice Industry in the noncommercial market segment. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the Federal policies that govern the National School Lunch Program, our services focus on "Go To Market" Strategies, product formulations, and commodity processing logistics and accountability. In addition, K12 Services, Inc. has developed productive relationships with State and Federal government agencies to assist with the compliance and advancement of our clients' program segments.

In 2001, K12 Services, Inc. developed electronic-based ordering software to capture the ever-increasing volume of products sold by our clients. As the versions of this software evolved, K12foodservice.com was launched in 2004. The software addresses many of the complexities of tracking and accounting manufacturers face when selling to the noncommercial school foodservice marketing using USDA commodities. In support of K12foodservice.com, K12 Services, Inc. offers extensive customer service as well as targeted manufacturer and broker trainings at the request of our clients.

K12 Services, Inc. conducts seminars, broker trainings and hosts "virtual partner" meetings amongst our clients to collectively share the knowledge gained by our experience in the school foodservice market.